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Celebrating World Octopus Day with surprising fact

Scientists are still finding neurological responses and even evolutionary tricks in the octopus’ brain that make it stand out from other invertebrates.
9 October 2022

Nirufehi Fire: Couple dead only days after holiday return

11 November 2022

Kudahuvadhoo showcases successful waste management programme

31 October 2022

From Frankenstein to laboratory brains

15 October 2022

Bioluminescence back in Maldives; lights up northern shores

11 September 2022

Queen's visit to Maldives: an unprecedented event

9 September 2022

Migratory flamingos in Maldives may not leave

14 September 2022

Pioneers' plea: Work together to maintain tourism standing

30 September 2022

Dr Hassan Hameed’s take on Cambridge O-Levels, A-Levels

13 September 2022