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As Maldives goes to polls, campaigning draws to a close

With a total of 282,395 eligible voters, including 27,006 new voters, the election is set to take place across 574 polling stations.
8 September 2023

Pres says CoNI report missing; police probe underway

4 September 2023

Maldives deports Indian Hindu priest for spiritual classes

1 September 2023

Public holiday over election extends to Monday

10 September 2023

RTL Ferry: Most travelled for health services

22 September 2023

5 seriously injured in speedboat collision

9 September 2023

Fire burns down 2-storey building in Male

6 September 2023

EC denies reports of re-registration portal hack

18 September 2023

Alleged warehouse arson; 2 people arrested

6 September 2023