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May 6 attack: Thahmeen allowed to resubmit dismissed evidence

The prosecution sought three days' time to decide on any particular piece of evidence submitted by Thahmeen.
10 May 2023

MNP hands over presidential ticket to Nazim; launches campaign

27 May 2023

Maldivian seafarers unable to work as govt fails to issue permits

18 May 2023

Thinadhoo hospital introduces chemotherapy services

8 May 2023

India embassy arson call accused denies being on the run

24 May 2023

Contract signing for 7 island hospitals this week, pres says

12 May 2023

Tax hike alone not enough, urgent cost cuts needed: World Bank

7 May 2023

Pres urges parents to reflect on national development

10 May 2023

Maldives allows industrial island leases without bidding

19 May 2023