Gasim, the deceased victim and Adhuham, his murderer.

Adhuham sentenced to death 3 years after Gasim's death

None of the death sentences awarded in the Maldives have been executed so far.

16 April 2023

By Fathmath Ahmed Shareef

Adhuham Mohamed, who had been convicted of murdering taxi driver Gasim Hassan, was sentenced to death on Sunday.

Gasim was stabbed to death in Hulhumale on the night of December 4, 2019. The prosecution had filed a charge sheet in the case:

  • against Adhuham Mohamed, Boduhiyaage/Lh. Hinnavaru

  • on May 20, the police nabbed Adhuham while he was on the run after killing Gasim

  • Adhuham was charged with killing a man using a sharp object

  • Adhuham killed Gasim while trying to extort money from him by threatening him, according to the state

During a hearing held on March 19 to pronounce the verdict, the court had held that Adhuham was found guilty beyond reasonable doubt of murdering Adhuham.

On Sunday, the court held a proceeding to hear the wishes of the heirs and decide on the punishment. Gasim has four sons and a daughter as his heirs.

His five children were present at Sunday’s hearing, and all of whom said they wanted death for Adhuham.

Sunday’s hearing also saw a discussion on the quantum of punishment as Adhuham has been found guilty:

  • The state has sought a direction to fix the death penalty prescribed in the law 

  • Adhuham asked for leniency

After all the heirs said they wanted death penalty, the court ruled on Sunday that the punishment for Adhuham would be death.

The judge, however, noted that if any of the heirs decided against the death penalty at any stage, the death penalty would still not be executed. None of the death sentences awarded in the Maldives have been executed so far.

Case Summary

Adhuham had earlier confessed to the murder during a police investigation and during the trial on February 12, 2020. Adhuham pleaded guilty the same day after entering into an agreement with the state.

When the prosecution filed a charge sheet in the trial court, Adhum responded on the same day:

  • The charges were made clear and he confessed to the murder of Gasim

  • It was done in an inebriated state 

  • Now he is ashamed and saddened by this

  • He said he had repented for the crime committed and had also offered tauba (redemption) prayers 

  • I apologise to Gasim's family for the crime committed

At the next hearing, he denied the charges after having narrated  in detail how he had murdered Gasim and saying that he was ashamed of the crime committed. Later again, Adhuham pleaded guilty to the charges all over again. 

In its judgment, the court said:

  • Adhuham had chosen an elderly man's taxi, having thought the crime out, since the elderly man could not defend himself from an attack or robbery 

  • Adhuham claimed to have sharpened the knife he was carrying before getting into the car

  • Gasim was being instructed to drive on dark and isolated roads

  • Gasim was stabbed in the neck with intent to kill

  • Adhuham says the knife had cut through a car seat in the slashing stroke when he cut Gasim’s throat, and the sign of the same was seen in the seat of the car

  • Adhuham tried to flee after stabbing Gasim while he was shouting for help

  • Doctors pointed out that Gasim could have been saved if he was treated early on

  • The fact that Gasim was left in a remote place while he was asking for help was a direct case of murder

  • Although Adhuham said he had no intention of killing Gasim, he had seen the excessive bleeding from the wound he had inflicted and even saw Gasim getting out of the car and shouting for help, but he did not help and left instead

  • Apart from fingerprints, CCTV footage also provides enough evidence to convict Adhuham