Muizz speaks at a campaign rally on Monday. (Atoll Times Photo/Hussein Sunein)

Muizz denies any links, talks, deals with Salaf

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's campaign team has been levelling various allegations against Muizz, labelling him "PNC-Salaf candidate".

26 August 2023

Main opposition PPM-PNC presidential candidate Dr Mohamed Muizz on Saturday denied his alleged link with Jamiyyath Salaf, saying that he does not have any connections and is not engaged in any negotiations or deals with the religious conservative organisation. 

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's campaign team has been levelling various allegations against Muizz, labelling him "PNC-Salaf candidate". In her daily press briefings as the campaign spokesperson, defence minister Mariya Ahmed Didi, has gone as far as accusing Muizz of having stuck a deal with Salaf to hand over the education ministry to the organisation in his government. 

PPM has denied the accusations. 

In an exclusive interview with Atoll Times’ sister publication Dhauru, on the third episode of the media agency’s Siyaasee Vaahaka show, Muizz questioned the basis for the MDP's accusations against him and building the narrative. Muizz then went on to say that he had nothing to do with Salaf or any other hardline religious organisation.

Pointing out that he left the Adhaalath Party, which has religious policies, "because of the way things are going", Muizz said the religious conservative party a coalition part in the incumbent government and President Solih's re-election bid.

Responding to Mariya's statement that women will not have the right to speak out under Muizzu's rule, he said the stark contrast between the accusations and the policies he has proposed in his manifesto are quite clear.

"In what ways are these stories being born? Where? I don't belong to the Salaf organisation. We have not made any deal with them as far as giving any post to anyone is concerned," Muizz said.

Responding to Mariya's allegation that Muizz will hand over control of the education sector and the responsible ministry to Salaf and hardline Islamic clerics, Muizz said he sees the education sector as key to building the future generations. 

Muizzu believes that the field should be handed over to someone who has forward-thinking, is western educated, and has the vision to build a modern education system. Otherwise, the Maldives will not be able to build a generation ready to take the country forward on its development path, he said. 

"So, we have to put someone there who can carry on with all these ideas. To bring someone from a particular group who doesn't agree with the way I want things to be. It's just a story that's being concocted," Muizz said.