Chagos Islands

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Sudden change in Maldives stance over Chagos draws criticism

If the tribunal settles in favour of Mauritius, Maldives will have to divide around 96,000 square kilometres of the country's economic zone.
22 October 2022

Govt accused of changing Chagos stance under Indian influence

25 October 2022

Resolution to clarify policy change on Chagos issue

23 October 2022

Ex-AGs: Govt didn't try to get largest possible area for Maldives

27 October 2022

Some exaggerating policy change on Chagos: Government

26 October 2022

MDP lawmakers urge president to disclose Chagos letter

2 November 2022

Will not forgo 'grain of Maldives soil', FM assures

9 November 2022

Maldives wins EEZ dispute with Mauritius over Chagos

28 April 2023