Infectious Diseases

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Bird flu spreads to new countries, threatens non-stop "war"

While the virus can infect people, usually those who have contact with infected birds, the World Health Organization says the risk to humans is low.
16 February 2023

North Korea locks down capital city over 'respiratory illness'

26 January 2023

2 children with measles fully vaccinated: Hospital

5 April 2023

Maldives says aim to eliminate rubella this year

8 April 2023

Maldives detects cases of eradicated filariasis

15 December 2023

2 more cases of Filariasis found in Kulhudhuffushi

18 December 2023

Israel says it will let more aid into Gaza as UN warns of hunger

18 November 2023

Hepatitis outbreak closes schools, sends scores to hospital

29 October 2023