Parliamentary System of Governance

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Talks still on with JP over alliance, Nasheed's The Democrats say

When asked about what was not agreed upon, Afshan said that there are people who support the parliamentary system both within JP and within PPM.
22 May 2023

Democrats says talks only with MDP; on system change

16 September 2023

Motion seeks referendum on govt system before runoff

13 September 2023

Gasim voices against system referendum post pres election

1 October 2023

Nasheed to meet Yameen for govt system referendum talks

16 September 2023

Fayyaz says against system change; Muizz should have chance

1 October 2023

Most Maldivians still favour presidential system, new poll shows

28 September 2023

Yameen declines Nasheed's request to meet over system referendum

17 September 2023