The three suspects remanded by court for investigation of the same-sex leaked video scandal.

Same sex videos: police deny release of blackmail suspects

The remand of one of the suspects had been extended while the remand of the other two are yet to expire.

1 October 2022

By Mohamed Muzayyin Nazim

Police on Saturday denied reports that the three people in custody in connection to the recording, blackmail and release of videos of a large number of men engaging in same sex acts had been released, saying that the remand of one of the suspects had been extended.

Police initially arrested five people in connection to the recording, blackmail and release of videos of a large number of men engaging in same sex acts. However, the court had released two of the suspects on grounds that the court did not deem it necessary to remand them.

Those in custody are:

  • Hamdhoon Abdulla (37), B. Dharavandhoo/Akiri 

  • Mohamed Mihad Mustafa (24), B. Dharavandhoo/ Heema 

  • Maumoon Moosa (41), Sh. Funadhoo/ Siesta

A police spokesperson said that the court had extended the remand of Mohamed Mihad Mustafa by seven days.

"The remand of the remaining two is not yet over," the spokesperson said.

According to the police:

  • Hamdhoon and Mihad were arrested on 18 September

  • Court remanded Hamdhoon for 15 days

  • Mihad was initially remanded for seven days

  • Maumoon was arrested on 20 September and was remanded for 10 days

Police say the investigation is underway.

Videos of Bangladeshi worker MD Alamgir engaging in same sex relations with men were leaked in mid-June.

  • Local men from all walks of life are seen in the videos; top government officials, political figures, and even national security service officers.

  • Before the videos were leaked, some of the people who had engaged in same sex acts with Alamgir were blackmailed and large sums of money were taken from them.

  • In a press conference held on 27 June, police said that they are investigating the blackmail case as a separate case, and that they have identified who the blackmailers are.

  • The blackmail case was reported to the police in March before the videos were leaked, police said.

Several sources have confirmed to Atoll Times that Hamdhoon was the man who rented the apartment that is featured in the leaked videos. In the leaked statement given by Alamgir, Hamdhoon is referred to as his "boss". Hamdhoon has reportedly scammed a lot of money out of people and owes a lot as well.

According to Alamgir’s statement that was leaked, he had recorded video footage of 45-50 people engaging in same sex acts with him.

  • Alamgir pleaded guilty to all three counts of sexual involvements; he was sentenced by the court on 31 August, to seven months and six days in prison

  • On Thursday, he was sentenced to another three years in prison after he pleaded guilty to 40 charges of making pornography