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Illegal verdict, will win appeal: Yameen's lawyers

Jameel said that this was not related to the MMPRC scandal and that it was done with the intention of keeping Yameen out of the upcoming presidential elections.
26 December 2022

Nasandhura developer defaults on local supplier payments

28 February 2023

Another chance for murder suspect to appoint lawyer

6 December 2022

Fake reports of 'missing' migrant workers rise

1 December 2022

Bar Council to levy new fees on lawyers as revenue measure

21 December 2022

Law amended to expand scope of lawyers' disciplinary probe

18 October 2022

May 6 attack: Thahmeen allowed to resubmit dismissed evidence

10 May 2023

Rifts among state attorneys over dropping Mahloof's charges

11 April 2023