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Rumours swirl of Messi move to Saudi Arabia amid PSG discord

Messi's trip to Saudi Arabia resulted in him being suspended without pay and banned from training with his team mates by PSG.
4 May 2023

Coca-Cola promotion: Lucky winner wins Qatar trip with 1 bottle

17 October 2022

Boy dies after goal post collapses during football match

25 December 2022

Ronaldo tops Forbes' highest-paid athletes list in 2023

3 May 2023

Turfs on field 4 years; now set on fire

31 January 2023

Maldivians to lose free World Cup viewing privileges?

17 October 2022

Migrant workers say their sweat made World Cup happen

21 November 2022

Manchester Utd negotiating exclusivity with Qatar's Sheikh Jassim

16 June 2023