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North Korea says U.S. drills have pushed situation

On Wednesday the United States and South Korea carried out a joint air drill with American B-1B heavy bombers and F-22 stealth fighters.
2 February 2023

Al Qaeda releases video by al-Zawahiri who was believed dead

24 December 2022

U.S. imposes security zone in search for Chinese balloon remnants

7 February 2023

Russian software disguised as American finds its way into U.S.

15 November 2022

U.S. military brings down flying object over Lake Huron

13 February 2023

Syria mission worth the risk, top U.S. general says

5 March 2023

U.S. says failed rocket attack targeted American troops in Syria

10 October 2022

Islamic State leader killed in Free Syrian Army operation

1 December 2022