Tourists at the Maldives' main Velana International Airport. (Atoll Times Photo/Muzayyin Nazim))

Maldives tourist arrivals see 22% growth

A total of 97,873 tourists arrived in the Maldives in the first 18 days of the year.

21 January 2023

Tourist arrivals in the first 18 days of this year increased by 22.8% compared to the same period last year, according to tourism ministry data.

According to the latest data released by the ministry on Saturday: 

  • A total of 97,873 tourists arrived in the Maldives in the first 18 days of the year

  • A total of 79,718 tourists arrived in the same period last year

According to the information released by the ministry, an average of 5,437 tourists arrive in the Maldives every day. They spend an average of 8.2 days in the Maldives.

The top five markets: 

  • Russia – 15,218 travellers; 15% of the total tourists

  • Italy – 10,660 tourists; 10.9% of total arrivals

  • India – 9,242 travellers; 9.4% of the total tourists

  • UK - 7,982 tourists; 8.2% of total arrivals

  • Germany – 5,980 tourists; 6.1% of total tourists

Currently, 36 international airlines operate flights to the Maldives.

Flights from China, which accounted for the highest number of tourists to the Maldives from a single market before Covid-19, resumed to the Maldives last week after a gap of three years. The government expects a huge increase in the number of tourists coming to the Maldives along with Chinese tourists.

The Maldives completed last year with 1.67 million tourists exceeding the 1.6 million tourist target of the year. This year, the state aims to welcome two million tourists.