PPM/PNC candidate Dr Mohamed Muizz at a meeting held in Sh. Funadhoo. Photo/PPM

Muizz pledges low cost office space to SMEs

Muizz said the building would be a pilot project.

18 September 2023

By Fathmath Ahmed Shareef

PPM-PNC presidential candidate Dr Mohamed Muizz pledge on Sunday to build a building in Male where start-ups and small businesses can rent office space at a low cost. 

The PPM-PNC and MNP opposition coalition candidate is campaigning in the islands. Speaking at a rally in Sh. Funadhoo on Sunday evening, Muizz said the biggest challenge facing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is not getting office space at a low price.

He said he would bring a solution to that in his administration.

The main reason why newly started small businesses cannot expand their work is because they have to rent apartments from private homes at high prices, he said.

"That's why we are proposing. Initially in the city area. Then later we will expand to other urban regions. We will provide a building where small businesses can rent office space at an affordable price," he said.

According to Muizz, the building is for:

  • The government to lease spaces to SMEs at a low cost

  • It will provide office space for youngsters, women and all age groups who want to stand on their own feet

  • The building will also house facilities like cafes

Muizz said the building would be a pilot project. Depending on the success, it will be expanded to other regions, he said. It is a high priority project within the economic development plan of his administration.