Ali Hussain speaks during the seven-question programme of Dhauru. Dhauru Photo/Abdullah Iyaan

99% confident of JP contesting pres polls: MP Ali Hussain

Ali Hussain doesnt believe that there would be someone to take on Gasim even if he opened for a primary within the party.

9 March 2023

By Mohamed Muzayyin Nazim

Jumhooree Party (JP), which is part of the ruling coalition, will most likely field its own candidate in the upcoming presidential elections, according to party MP Ali Hussain.

Ali Hussain made the remarks while speaking on a talkshow hosted by Atoll Times' sister publication Dhauru.

"I believe, about 99% sure of it, that JP will field a candidate... I don't think the congress’ unanimous decisions will go ignored. And I don't believe there are reasons to back other people by forming an alliance," said Ali Hussain, who represents Kendhoo constituency in the parliament. 

The Jumhooree Party's national conference held late last month unanimously approved:

  • To advise the party council to field a candidate for the presidential elections 

  • The council is yet to take a decision on the recommendation

  • The party, however, has been holding talks with political leaders on the presidential elections 

  • The council has given party leader Gasim Ibrahim the power to hold the talks

Ali Hussain said that the resolution of the national conference was passed by those who spoke against it also voting for it. If the Jumhooree Party Council decides not to take the resolution and contest elections, it will raise serious questions about the future of the party, he said.

Pointing out that JP leader Gasim Ibrahim was denied the opportunity to contest the last presidential elections due to a jail term, Ali Hussain said that this time the situation was not the same as it used to be when the elections were coming, and the situation has changed now.

"Once the situation improves so that we can contest elections, the only way to engage with the common man is to participate in elections. The only chance to measure the support the party has also got is to contest the elections," Ali Hussain said.

To a question on whether Gasim would contest on behalf of JP, he said, it is most likely.

"This is because the leader of the Jumhooree Party, Hon. Gasim Ibrahim, is the most popular and most vocalist in the party right now," Ali Hussain said.

Ali Hussain doesnt believe that there would be someone to take on Gasim even if he opened for a primary within the party. He added that the party's spirit at this juncture was also to field Gasim.

"I don't think it will go any other way," he said.

JP leader Gasim Ibrahim contested the presidential elections in 2008 and 2013 out of the three elections held since the adoption of the new constitution. However, he did not get the required number of votes in either of the two elections to reach the second round.

However, in the previous three elections, each ruler managed to win by forging an alliance with the JP. It has become a party that plays an important role in reversing the results of every election.