President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih campaigning in Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll on Tuesday, 8 August 2023, G.Dh. Hoadedhdhoo. Photo/MDP

Democrats contesting election in name only, to divide votes: President

"They are fighting in name only... to create division. They have no big mission," he said.

8 August 2023

By Mariyam Umna Ismail

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih said on Tuesday that the lawmakers who left MDP along with Speaker Mohamed Nasheed are contesting the presidential election in name only, and with the intention to divide the main ruling party’s voter base. 

The President is currently campaigning for the 2023 presidential election in GDh. atoll. He visited Hoadedhdhoo island Tuesday afternoon and addressed the supporters at the opening of the MDP camp in the island.

The president began by pointing out that MDP has always had a majority support in Hoadedhdhoo. He believes that the support will change somewhat due to the members who left MDP amid differences of opinion within the party.

Hussain Firushan, MP for Madaveli constituency which covers Hoadedhdhoo in the parliament, has also left MDP and joined The Democrats, led by Nasheed.

Although he did not name Nasheed and the Democrats directly, the president described “some people” running for the election to divide the vote. According to the president, they contested the election “in name only”.

"They are fighting in name only... to create division. They have no mission," he said, referring to The Democrats candidate Ilyas Labeeb, without naming him.

The president believes that their aim is to obstruct the government's development projects.

The Democrats are contesting the presidential election. Labeeb’s running mate is former STO Managing Director Hussain Amr.