President Solih speaks at a campaign meeting in G.Dh. Vaadhoo. Photo/Campaign Team

Student loan waiver based on state service, says pres

The resident talks about what he will do for the islands in every island he campaigns at, and likewise made promises to Vaadhoo.

9 August 2023

By Aishath Fareeha Abdulla

If elected for the next term, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih will formulate a student loan forgiveness policy in the education sector, and he has explained how it will be executed, on Wednesday.

Speaking in GDh. Vaadhoo for his presidential elections campaign, the President announced these policies.

Regarding the student loan waiver, the president said the rules will be formulated based on the level of service to the state.

Reiterating the higher education promises he made last Monday in Dh. Kudahuvadhoo, he explained the 'Productive and Prosperous Generation' policies of the 'Happy Life' section of the MDP manifesto. The president said he would work to make Maldives's higher education sector internationally recognised.

The president said that the education sector and people developing will be the top priority in the coming term and the aim is to make Maldives a popular country for educational tourism.

President Solih said he would give priority to developing people in the most needed areas.

"Scholarships are being offered today. Free degrees are being offered. But with this change, we will be able to focus on the areas we need and train people accordingly," he said.

"Our goal is to make this sector acceptable to people in Maldives and abroad and to make Maldives a popular country for educational tourism."

The student loan scheme currently provides:

  • The loan administration fee at 1%

  • The repayment period has been extended to 20 years

Pledges to Vaadhoo

The president talked about what he will do for the islands in every island he campaigns at. He also made promises to Vaadhoo.

  • Construction of new council office building

  • Administrative building for school and health centre

  • Construction of a sports complex

  • Construction of major roads

  • Construction of a swimming pool as requested by the people

  • Construction of a regional level volleyball court

  • Construction of houses or flats to provide housing

  • Opening of a 100-bed hotel

The president said the people of Huvadhoo have played an important role in implementing the Jazeera Manifesto of the current term. The president mentioned the names of people close to him from Huvadhoo; finance minister Ibrahim Ameer, housing minister Mohamed Aslam, and Fenaka Managing Director Ahmed Saeed.