Ganesh Dubey at airport after he was deported from Maldives. (Facebook Photo/Zamzam Farish)

Maldives deports Indian Hindu priest for spiritual classes

An Immigration spokesperson confirmed to Atoll Times that the guru and his assistant were deported from Maldives indefinitely.

1 September 2023

An Indian Hindu priest and his Indian assistant have been deported from Maldives indefinitely. 

Ganesh Dubey said on social media he had come to Maldives to conduct spiritual healing classes and extended an open invitation to take part in the classes. According to his social media posts, he arrived in Male on Tuesday and would be conducting classes for a week.

Police told reporters on Thursday that the Hindu guru and another Indian were take into custody upon reports of the social media posts. The man had came to Maldives on a tourist visa and was trying to run the class to teach spiritual solutions to challenges, the police added. 

In another message to the reporters on Friday, the police said the two were handed over to Immigration for further action.

An Immigration spokesperson confirmed to Atoll Times that they were deported from Maldives on Friday indefinitely. 

It is learnt that the second Indian was a resident in Maldives who had assisted Dubey while he was in the country. 

The case has drawn widespread public criticism in Maldives, which is 100% Muslim by law and practicing other religions is strictly forbidden.