Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) Office.

MMPRC re-files recovery suit against SOF

Following a Civil Court order issued on August 7, 2022, SOF's frozen accounts were released.

22 October 2023

By Fathmath Ahmed Shareef

MMPRC has re-submitted a case after the Civil Court dismissed its case against the SOF company, which was an intermediary used to siphon off huge sums of funds from the proceeds of tourism leases under former president Abdulla Yameen. 

On September 17, 2017, the Civil Court ordered SOF to pay USD 10.7 million (MVR  164.10 million) to the state:

  • The civil court took the initiative to enforce the judgement as the SOF was not paying the money in accordance with the judgment

  • However, the case was dismissed by the Civil Court last week on the grounds that the MMPRC did not appear at the hearings

The Civil Court on Sunday confirmed to Atoll Times that the case was re-filed by the MMPRC on Thursday. However, the registrar of the court has not yet decided whether to accept the case.

During the former President Abdulla Yameen's government, a large amount of money received from the lease of islands and lagoons through the MMPRC was siphoned off and diverted to the accounts of SOF. They gave the money to others from the account and used it for various purposes.

Since the corruption case surfaced and the cases began to be investigated, the SOF accounts were frozen by a Civil Court order in 2020, but following an order issued by the court on August 7, 2022, the accounts were released.