Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC/Visit Maldives) and Manta Air, in collaboration with key resorts within the Maldives, have announced an upcoming Explore Maldives Roadshow, set to take place at the Shangri-La Hotel in Bengaluru on June 26, 2024. This exclusive event aims to attract more Indian tourists and provide invaluable networking opportunities between Maldivian hospitality industry institutions and the travel industry leaders in India.

The roadshow represents a significant step in strengthening the tourism bond between India and the Maldives. As the travel industry continues to recover and evolve, such initiatives are crucial in driving sustained growth and enriching the travel experiences of tourists from both countries.

The roadshow will underscore the Maldives as a premier travel destination, engaging over 150 top travel agents, tour operators, and representatives from both travel and mainstream media in India. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to connect with key stakeholders and explore the rich offerings of the Maldives.

Highlighting the roadshow's itinerary, major resort chains such as Universal Resorts, Minor Hotels, NH Collection, Atmosphere Core, Sun Siyam Resorts, Villa Resorts, PULSE Hotels & Resorts, AAA Hotels & Resorts, Angsana, COMO, RIU and many more resorts and guesthouses are already set to participate, promoting and showcasing the appeal of the Maldives through captivating presentations and dynamic networking sessions. Extensive media coverage is anticipated, amplifying the event's reach and impact.

"India stands out as one of the fastest-growing outbound tourism markets today, and it remains a pivotal market for the Maldives. This upcoming event will undoubtedly serve as a crucial platform for tourism industry stakeholders to connect with the Indian market and showcase the Maldives as a premier destination, highlighting the unique offerings we are blessed with," said Ibrahim Shiuree, CEO and MD of MMPRC.

"This event plays a crucial role in further developing the tourism industry of the Maldives and strengthening our relationship with the Indian travel market. The roadshow aims to promote the Maldives as a top destination to the Indian market, providing a wonderful opportunity for resorts and guesthouses to meet and network with Indian industry leaders, including travel agencies, tour operators, media, and more, to foster meaningful connections."

The Indian travel market was ranked as the best performing market in 2023. The event aims to boost travel and help regain the market position for Indian inbound travellers.