The military, Red Crescent and other authorities active at the Nirufehi house area where the deadly fire took place on 9 November 2022. Photo/Dhauru

Nirufehi fire: MVR 90,000 as relief aid for 29 affected people

The NDMA said it has identified those in need of psychological aid and is assisting them with the help of the Local Red Crescent society and the Gender Ministry

11 November 2022

National Disaster Management (NDMA) has sanctioned MVR 90,000 to help the 29 people affected by the fire that broke out at M. Nirufehi house early Thursday morning.

Ten migrant workers have died in one of the deadliest fires in the country so far. They include nine Indians and one Bangladeshi national.

In a statement, the NDMA said on Thursday:

  • 28 migrant workers were rescued from the building where the fire broke out

  • 35 Maldivians were rescued from four houses nearby 

  • A total of 33 foreigners are registered

  • Seven Maldivian children were among them

The NDMA said that since the incident took place in the wee hours after midnight, many families in the area had shifted to neighbours or relatives’ homes. Their condition is also being looked into.

"They have been provided with essential support; food, shelter and clothing," the NDMA said.

Some people have been shifted to other areas as their homes were found unsafe due to the damage. Twenty-nine people from six households are being provided temporary shelter in five guest houses, the statement read.

Temporary shelters have been provided in the wake of the incident for:

  • 15 Maldivians: five men and 10 women

  • 14 foreigners: eight men and 6 women

  • Six Maldivian children were among those provided temporary housing

  • 19 migrant workers were provided shelter by their caretakers

The NDMA spent for the first five days as humanitarian aid to them:

  • Housing - MVR 33,500

  • Clothing - MVR 19,000

  • Food - MVR 29,000

  • Hygiene kits and operational expenses - MVR 2,633

  • Total - MVR 90,133. 

The NDMA said it has identified those in need of psychological aid and is assisting them with the help of the local Red Crescent branch and the gender ministry.

"Damage assessment of the houses affected by the fire, close monitoring of the condition of people living in temporary shelters and providing additional assistance to them will continue," the NDMA statement said.