December 12, 2021: Police raid a taxi and seize huge quantity of liquor: 119 kg seized during the raid.

HC overturns release of suspect in 119kg drug case

The two accused but could not be arrested by the police in the case are Arushad Khalid and Mohammad Akram Abdul Hannan, who had fled the country on the day.

7 December 2022

By Aman Haleem

The High Court on Tuesday overturned a Criminal Court order to release one of the accused in the 119 kg drug case, seized during raids in Male and Hulhumale in December 2021.

The accused Ahmed Mujahid, Allora/G.Dh. Hoadehdhoo, was granted conditional bail by the trial court in November. The court granted him bail on the ground that the trial judge had changed and the case could not be handed over to another judge for a long time.

The prosecutor general's office challenged Mujahid's release order in the High Court, which ruled that it was wrong for the trial court to release him on the ground that there was no need for him to remain in custody. Justice Mohamed Niyaz of the High Court, in his judgment, wrote:

  • Order was passed on the ground that there was no judge when the matter was handed over 

  • How the custodial situation had changed is unknown

  • Reason to claim how Mujahid did not require further remand remains unknown; there was a lot of evidence against Mujahid and he had not completed his deposition.

The two other accused in the case are:

  • Ali Zubayr (52) Guleynoorannmaage/G.Dh. Hoadehdhoo

  • Ahmed Sunain (25) Irumatheege/G.Dh. Hoadehdhoo

The police had earlier said:

  • The drugs were brought to the city on the morning of 12 December 2021, by a speedboat named 'Banga'

  • This was done by Arshad Khalid, Allora/G.Dh. Hoadehdhoo, who was charged with drug trafficking, allegedly via his established drug network 

  • The two accused,but could not be arrested by the police in the case are Arushad Khalid and Mohammad Akram Abdul Hannan, Dhoadhi/G.Dh. Hoadehdhoo; they flew abroad on the day of the drug bust