City council employees who lost their homes in the fire, being kept at Imaduddin School: Temporary shelter has been provided to them in Farukolhufushi. Dhauru Photo

Temporary shelter set up after 13 hours of govt-council feud

"The same thing was followed in the fire [of the recent] Nirufehi house, in the Thilafushi house fire [and] in the Lily warehouse fire."

10 January 2023

By Mohamed Muzayyin Nazim

After a dispute between the government and the city council over the transfer of the expatriates that were living in Male city council's accommodation block, which was gutted in a fire in the second-hand market area in the early hours of Monday, the government has Monday night arranged Farukolhufushi as a temporary shelter for them.

As many as 133 people, who lost their homes in the fire that broke out around 5.30 am, have been staying in the premises of Imaduddin School since 8am. The delay in converting it into a temporary shelter was due to the failure of the Male' City Council and the government to reach an agreement on the matter.

Spokesperson at the President's Office Miuvan Mohamed told Atoll Times that the government has provided temporary housing to the migrant workers of the council in Farukolhufushi, which is now part of Hulhumale second phase.

"This was done by the government after the civic body failed to provide a place for them to stay," he said.

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Chief Executive Hisaan Hassan told Atoll Times this evening that the agency provides temporary shelter only to migrant workers who do not have valid documents on a regular basis and in similar incidents in the past. It will be clear to the council as well, he said.

"Since morning, we have been with the council and are providing all possible help. However, in the evening, we were asked to help arrange such a place without setting up a temporary shelter," Said Hisaan.

"The same thing was followed in the fire [of the recent] Nirufehi house, in the Thilafushi house fire [and] in the Lily warehouse fire. The migrants are handed over to their guardian."

Since there was a delay in finding a place, the civic body was also instructed to shift the migrant workers to guesthouses, Hisaan said. 

When asked about the issue, a council spokesman said that Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu will be briefed on the matter and a comment will be made at a later date.