Minister of State for Environment Mughnee. Photo/Ministry

Mughnee sacked over graft allegations against pres

President Solih's supporters have called for Mughnee's removal over the incident.

17 May 2023

By Mohamed Muzayyin Nazim

State environment minister Hassan Mughnee was sacked from his post on Wednesday for his comments calling President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih a thief.

Mughnee, who was a state minister in a Jumhooree Party slot in the coalition government, tweeted from his personal Twitter account describing the president as a "thief". Following this, the President's Office launched an investigation into the matter.

A senior government official told Atoll Times that Mughnee, was sacked on Wednesday in connection with the case.

In his now deleted tweet, Mudghee, who was also the first managing director of STELCO in the incumbent government, said: 

  • Heads of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) are corrupt and incompetent; only four months left until the end of the corruption they are indulging in

  • Shortly posting the tweet, Mughnee had deleted 

  • In response, government supporters alleged that Mughnee had mistakenly used his official account instead of an anonymous account that he controls

  • President Solih's supporters have called for Mughnee's removal over the incident 

He had also recently posted a series of tweets from his personal account criticising Fenaka's managing director Ahmed Saeed Mohamed.

In the tweets, he accused Saeed of corruption. Mughnee said it was because of Saeed that the government had to stop talking about its 'zero tolerance' policy towards corruption.