Criminal Court: The Court has ordered the release of the Indian stepfather, who assaulted his wife in front of her children. Dhauru File Photo

Indian man freed after victimised wife drops case

"Since [his wife] did not want to proceed further in the case, he is released on bail," the order issued by judge Ali Adam said.

28 May 2023

By Mohamed Muzayyin Nazim

Criminal Court on Saturday freed an Indian man who was arrested for allegedly assaulting his wife in front of his step children, as his wife did not want to pursue the case any further.

The man, identified as Sain Sayed Abrar Hussain, was arrested earlier this month on charges of inflicting grievous injuries on his wife. He was released after he was produced before the Criminal Court on Saturday upon completion of his initial 15-day remand. 

The allegations against 53-year-old Sayed are:

  • Domestic abuse

  • Violence

  • Intimidation

  • Issuing threats

In his court order, the reason cited for his release was that his wife had "dropped the case".

"Since [his wife] did not want to proceed further in the case, he is released," the order issued by judge Ali Adam said.

It is clear from the court order that an order has been issued to impound Sayed's passport.

As the court order which had earlier remanded him in judicial custody for 15 days shows:

  • His wife's two children witnessed the assault on their mother by Sayed

  • The police had submitted the statement of the victim and photographs of the abuse on the victim to the first court hearing for remand

  • The court affirmed that the statements and photographs did indeed depict that Sayed had tortured his wife