Yameen and Muizzu: The leadership has decided that Muizzu is The Plan B if Yameen is unable to compete.

Amid tensions, PPM settles on PNC's Muizz as 'plan B'

The PPM-PNC on Saturday said it would decide on Muizzu’s candidacy after the verdict.

5 August 2023

By Mohamed Muzayyin Nazim

PPM's presidential candidate, former President Abdulla Yameen, is unable to contest the presidential election, and the party's attempt to field another candidate as "plan B" has led to a rift within the PPM-PNC. The leadership of both the parties has decided to let Male Mayor Dr Mohamed Muizz, who has secured the PNC presidential ticket, as the plan B candidate.

The PNC consultative council decided on Thursday to contest the presidential election on the PNC ticket as a 'backup candidate' in the event Yameen fails to secure his candidacy through the Supreme Court. However:

  • Yameen has asked the Supreme Court to order the Elections Commission (EC) to accept the candidacy of another PPM candidate in case the court rules that Yameen cannot contest

  • Some senior PPM leaders and Yameen’s running mate Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed said on Friday that PNC candidate Muizz is the coalition's third choice or "plan C"; if no one else can contest in the name of PPM as "plan B", Muizz will be fielded as "plan C"

Atoll Times has learned that the leadership of the two parties met at 1pm on Saturday and agreed to field Muizz for the presidential race if Yameen is unable to contest.

Senior PPM-PNC figures confirmed to Atoll Times that although the PPM had earlier considered an alternate PPM candidate as "plan B", the leadership decided at Saturday’s meeting that the PPM will not field any more candidates in case Yameen is unable to contest.

"Now Plan B is Muizz. Therefore, if President Yameen cannot contest the election, Muizz will contest on behalf of this coalition," a senior PPM-PNC official told Atoll Times on condition of anonymity.

Yameen's advisor and former president Dr Mohamed Waheed also lobbied the leadership to appoint him as the "plan B" candidate. Waheed also applied to clear his criminal record. There was dissatisfaction among some of the party's senate members due to this.

According to sources:

  • Muizz has the control of PPM senate

  • Senators backing Muizz are refusing to nominate another person from the PPM as a plan B while Muizz has been given the PNC ticket

"If the PPM is looking to amend the charter and nominate a candidate, the senate has to decide on it. Since Muizz has control in the senate, the senators who support him are not going to give up," he said.

Yameen's candidacy hearings concluded on Friday. The Supreme Court is expected to deliver its judgement Saturday evening or Sunday morning. 

The PPM-PNC on Saturday said it would decide on Muizz’s candidacy filing after the verdict.

PPM MP from Faresmathoda constituency Hussain Mohamed Latheef has been appointed as Muizz's running mate.