Candidates representing parties (R-L): President Solih, Muizz, Gasim, Ilyas and Nazim.

All candidates including independents to appear on pres debate

Sangu TV and PSM came under fire for inviting only candidates representing political parties.

30 August 2023

Independent candidates have been invited and confirmed participation in the presidential debate organised by Sangu TV and Public Service Media (PSM), after they came under fire for inviting only candidates representing political parties.

Sangu TV announced on Tuesday that five candidates from different political parties, including President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, will participate in the debate on Saturday evening, as the private TV channel became the only organiser of the presidential debate after state media, Public Service Media (PSM) cancelled its own debate scheduled for Friday.

After criticism from independent candidates that they had been denied their right to promote their policies on the presidential debate, Sangu TV and PSM said on Wednesday that all candidates have been invited and accepted to participate in the debate.

  • The debate will be held on Saturday from 9 to 11 pm

  • The debate will be conducted with the assistance of MNU

Eight candidates are vying for the presidency, including three independent candidates.

PSM cancelled its debate and decided to parter with Sangu TV for the Sangu Bahus, hours after ruling MDP asked the Maldives National University (MNU) and PSM to reschedule the presidential debate as it conflicts with the party's major campaign rally in Male on Friday evening.

Opposition parties have criticised PSM and the government, saying that PSM cancelled the debate on the orders of President Solih.