During the appointment of people to key positions in the government. Photo/President's Office

MDP urges govt to trim political staff to fund pay hike for civil servants

The number of political posts visible on the president's office's website has crossed 300.

19 February 2024

By Mohamed Muzayyin Nazim

The main opposition party, the Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) on Monday called for an increase in the salaries of civil servants, even if it means by reducing the number of people appointed to political positions in this government.

The MDP called for this in their response to the Presidential address delivered by President Mohammed Muizzu at the opening session of the Parliament on the 6th of this month, which the opposition boycotted.

One of the things mentioned in the response was the lack of salaries and declining quality of employees in the civil service. He said the salaries of civil servants should be increased to solve the problem.

"The pay harmonization of employees should be continued. Other expenditure should be reduced. Deputy ministers should be reduced," MDP PG leader Rasheed said in the party’s response to the presidential address.

He said the MDP government started increasing the salaries of the employees during the last five years to improve the quality of the civil service.

"The pay commission decided to make positive changes in the pay structure of civil service employees, police and army and we included it in the budget. This government is yet to do so. However, appointments to various political posts are going on," he said.

The public is also concerned about the increase in political positions. In the presidential address he said the government would not appoint any more people to political positions except in exceptional circumstances.

The number of political posts visible on the president's office's website has crossed 300. Thus;

  • Cabinet: 22 ministers

  • At the ministerial level: 21 persons

  • Advisors: 2 persons

  • Ministers of State: 95 persons

  • Deputy Minister: 163

With Maldivian embassies, missions and other political positions at various levels abroad, the number is likely to double.