The President presents the award to a person who has served in CS for 50 years during a ceremony held to present the Award for Service to the State. Photo/President's Office

Awards for state service given to 86

The biggest hurdle in nominating their names for the award is that some people don't have service records in their hands.

17 February 2023

By Aishath Fareeha Abdulla

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on Thursday presented awards to 86 individuals for their long service to the state.

The Award for Service to the State is given from 2021 onwards in recognition of the service rendered by the civil employees who have served the State for more than 35 years with competence and sincerity in discharging their duties. 

A total of 113 nominations have been recommended for this year's awards

Among the nominees for this year's awards, the National Awards Committee clearly evaluated their information and awarded them as follows:

  • 85 recipients

  • Among the awardees is a person who served the state for 50 years

  • She has served for more than 50 years; Sabira Waheed, who served for 50 years and eight months

  • Including employees who have served in the island councils, and those who have served in various government institutions

  • So far 309 people have been awarded 

Speaking after presenting the awards, President Solih said that each of the awardees had rendered invaluable service to the state and the people.

"Whatever position they hold, they have done it in national service," he said.

"The services they rendered [those who have served the state for a long time] cannot be left unattended. Their services are a sacrifice made by them, sacrificing a large part of their lives for national service and working day and night for the country and its people."

He said there were some people who had served the state for a long time and were yet to be awarded service awards. The president announced that he had begun the process of awarding those who had served the state for more than 45 years. He said:

  • There are 70 people who have served for 45 years but have not been awarded

  • The biggest hurdle in nominating their names for the award is that some people don't have service records in their hands

  • Records of those who served when government offices were abolished were also lost

"I now plan to go ahead with it by procuring the records of those who have served for more than 45 years from the President's Office and submitting it to the National Awards Committee," he said.