President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih speaking at a meeting held by MDP in Addu city. Dhauru Photo/ Hussain Sunain

MDP accuses PPM-PNC of trying to 'steal' election via misinformation

The campaign office urged the people to be vigilant and not to be deceived by lies.

29 September 2023

By Aminath Shifleen

The MDP on Thursday expressed concern that the opposition is trying to 'steal' the upcoming presidential election by spreading deceitful lies.

MDP candidate, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's campaign office issued a press release on Thursday evening saying that the opposition is trying to create unrest and fear in people's hearts by conducting a 'miscommunication' campaign and adding baseless lies to it. It is an attempt by the opposition to influence the election results.

"This is extremely worrying and I strongly condemn it," the campaign office said in a statement.

The campaign office described it as an attempt to "steal elections through lies".

According to the press release:

  • In the first round of the election, the opposition spread big lies and conducted an anti-campaign

  • They tried to get votes by deceiving the truth

  • It is a lowly stupid act to spread untruthful stories at such a time when the future of the country is being determined

The President's Campaign Office said such deliberate campaigns weaken the democratic system and undermine the power of the people. The office urged the people to be vigilant and not to be deceived by lies.