Maumoon Abdul Gayyoom

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From Kandoodhoo to Milandhoo: joyous, heartbreaking sacrifice

In all sectors of development, be it education, health or infrastructure, Milandhoo is a prominent island in Shaviyani atoll.
22 December 2022

MRM files forms to meet 3,000-member requirement

28 February 2023

Royston Ellis, author of Maumoon's biography, passes away

2 March 2023

MDP misled people about Maumoon's service: Yameen

27 October 2022

Maumoon among people after long break; red carpet welcome

22 December 2022

Gasim lauds Nasheed, Maumoon

25 February 2023

Nasheed sues Shareef for 10 million in defamation lawsuit

28 November 2022

MRM demands government disclose reasons for Chagos policy change

29 October 2022