Roads in Maafannu ward flooded due to heavy rains in Male. Dhauru Photo/ Muzayyin Nazim

NDMA advises caution as bad weather prompts flood warning

The NDMA has precautioned elevating household appliances so they would not get damaged in case of flooding inside the houses.

4 May 2023

National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) on Thursday urged people to prepare for flooding and take precautions against damage to property and houses as heavy rains are likely to occur in several islands over the next week.

The agency issued a statement advising people to take precautionary measures in view of the possibility of bad weather.

Some of the measures that the NDMA has precautioned include:

  • To ensure that water does not enter the house by putting barriers with sandbags at the entrance of the house

  • Elevating household appliances so they would not get damaged in case of flooding

  • Strengthen roof panels in such a way that they wont be blown away by the wind gusts, if the rooms seem weak

  • Similarly, anchor and protect objects that may be cast away by strong winds

  • If not in use, keeping electricity off on devices and gadgets

  • Seafarers should be careful to travel keeping the weather in mind; take a trip after ensuring proper functioning of safety and communication systems

The NDMA has asked people in the islands to be aware of these issues and be cautious.

The southwest monsoon has started over most parts of the country on Thursday and the Met office has also warned of strong winds, rough seas and heavy rainfall in the coming days.

According to the MET, the southwest monsoon is likely to intensify over the country and the weather is likely to worsen on Friday and Saturday. In particular, the central and southern parts of the country are likely to experience strong winds and rough seas, it said.

The weather will start brightening after Tuesday, according to the Met forecast.

On these days:

  • Wind speeds of 15-25 miles per hour

  • Winds gusting up to 40-50 miles per hour are likely to prevail, making seas rough

  • Some islands are likely to witness high tide and swelling