Motorcycles and people getting washed away by powerful wave that crashed into the middle of the highway on Saturday afternoon, 5 August 2023.

NDMA warns caution as tidal surges to continue Monday

To avoid a potential public health problems, NDMA advises the cleanup of the garbage that was washed out into the city streets by the floods.

6 August 2023

By Aishath Fareeha Abdulla

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has issued a warning for floods in parts of the country.

The meteorological service (MET) has issued a flood warning down south from Kaafu atoll.

The alert was issued after waves hit Male area on Sunday.

The MET has forecast further flooding and the NDMA has asked people to take precautions. They also provided guidance on what can be done to reduce flooding damage.

Preventive measures to protect property and homes from flooding

  • Taking protective measure against flooding due to high tides

  • Take precautions to prevent water from entering the house, such as creating a barrier to house entrance using sand sacks

  • In the event of a flood, move property that are likely to be damaged to higher waterproof locations; relocate items that cannot be moved to higher ground to a waterproof location

  • No vehicle parking in the seaside 

  • Keep the stern of boats moored in the harbour so that it does not break

  • Be careful when traveling on the bridge, especially during high tide

  • To avoid a potential public health problems, clean up the garbage that was washed out into the city streets by the floods

The floods have caused damage to the Henveiru area in Male. A large wave also hit the area where the bridge and highway meet, causing damage to motorcycles and injuring some riders. 

Wave heights are expected to reach between 2 and 5 feet during the high tide.