Ibrahim Abdulla, wanted by police.

Manhunt on for 'dangerous criminal' over 'attempt to kill' MP Zareer

Two men were earlier arrested in connection with the attack on Zareer.

16 May 2023

By Aminath Shifleen

Police on Monday launched a manhunt for Ibrahim 'Gabbarey' Abdulla for allegedly attempting to kill a man with a sharp weapon, which according to reliable sources is in connection with the attack on MP Hassan Zareer.

A group of five attacked Zareer while he was in a cafe in Male along with a group of friends in the early hours of May 1. He was hit on the head with a hammer, police said.

Police launched the manhunt for Ibrahim Abdulla, who had been arrested in several cases of assault, murder and robbery in the past:

  • For instigating street violence with a group

  • For attempting to kill a person 

A close aide of Zareer told Atoll Times Monday evening that Ibrahim, who also serves as the South-Mahchangolhi president at ruling MDP's national council, and Zareer are friends. The attack came, according to the source, when a joke between Zareer and Ibrahim soured.

"What Zareer said didn't go down well with him. That's why the conversation turned into an argument," he said, requesting anonymity.

It is learnt that Zareer had sent Ibrahim a message while he was in the cafe, saying "Come here if you dare to." With this, Ibrahim, who was once listed as one of the most dangerous criminals in the country, went to the spot with a group.

"They were in an inebriated state. It was Gabbarey himself who had hit Zareer on the head with the hammer," said the person.

Back in 2007, Ibrahim had confessed in a police investigation that he was involved in the murder of Ali Ishar, H. Kubra, who was stabbed to death. Ibrahim, who was a minor at the time, was charged in the case, but the court acquitted him on the grounds that there was not enough evidence.

Two men were earlier arrested in connection with the attack on Zareer.