Abdulla Rasheed, died in police custody: Efforts are underway to send his body abroad for a postmortem examination.

Abdulla's body sent abroad for postmortem

Abdulla’s elder brother Hassan Ahmed told Atoll Times that the body was sent for postmortem after showing his face to the family on Sunday night.

31 October 2022

By Shahudha Mohamed

The family of Abdulla Rasheed, a man who died in police custody, has confirmed that his body has been sent to India early Monday morning for a postmortem examination.

The Drug Enforcement Department (DED) police arrested Abdulla Rasheed, 43, in a major drug operation conducted in Gaafu Dhaalu atoll. Three people, including Abdulla, were arrested from Hoadedhdhoo around 3pm on Tuesday. Abdulla died on the boat while it was still at harbour, in the middle of transporting the suspects.

  • Eye witnesses claim that police obstructed his treatment despite his saying repeatedly that he was having chest pains

  • Family alleges that police negligence led to his death

  • Abdullah's postmortem will be conducted as part of a joint investigation by the National Integrity Commission (NIC) and the police into the death, but his family has been opposing it

Since Abdulla's post-mortem was to be conducted against the wishes of his family and heirs, his mother, Mariyam Ahmed of Maaranga/GDh. Hoadehdhoo, had filed a case in the Civil Court contesting the police decision to conduct a postmortem on Abdulla. She had pleaded with the court to issue an order to the police to return the body of the deceased to his family so that his funeral rites may be completed at the earliest.

The court denied the order.

Abdulla’s elder brother Hassan Ahmed told Atoll Times on Monday that the body was sent for post-mortem after showing his face to the family on Sunday night. 

According to police, the body will be brought back to the capital on Saturday.

The family had decided to appeal the Civil Court's verdict as the court ruled that it was not possible to issue an order to hand over the body to the family.

Advocate Mohammad Ragib, who is representing the family in the case, said on Sunday night that there was no basis in the verdict and that necessary steps were being taken to challenge the verdict in the High Court.