President Muizzu speaking at a parliamentary campaign event held on Monday evening, April 1, 2024. Photo/ PNC

"In the interest of religion," Pres defends campaigning during Ramadan

The President likened political campaign to worship in justification of his campaigning during the last ten days of Ramadan.

2 April 2024

By Aishath Fareeha Abdulla

President Mohammed Muizzu has said that campaign activities should continue in the last 10 days of the fasting month of Ramadan as it needs to be done for the sake of religion as well.

Speaking at a campaign event of Yusuf Nasheed, who is contesting from L.Gan constituency for the ruling coalition in the upcoming parliamentary elections, President Muizzu said on Monday evening that it is important to be responsible for worship on the auspicious nights of the fasting month and that the responsibilities for campaigning is also in the interest of the country and religion.

"I am very pleased that you are engaged in this important and equally sacred work while engaged in worship on the last holy ten nights of the month of Ramadan. To save this country, we have to work for the country and for the sake of religion even in the middle of the most holy nights of Ramadan,” he said on Monday.

The President said it should be remembered how the MDP government had made fun of religion while it had super majority in Parliament.

“...this work must be done to prevent the country from being taken back in that direction,” he said.

Referring to the publication of an anti-Islamic report by a local NGO during the previous government, the President said the people who were in charge of compiling the report, which mocked the Prophet and the Islamic faith then, were later given senior positions in the MDP government.

"So we should not allow the country to go in that direction anymore. The people decided to save the country in a national, religious mindset, to give priority to the people to establish a country of the people ."

The President said the government cannot work towards the goal the people want unless it elects supported members to parliament.