Male Mayor Azim at a meeting held by the Council. Photo/City Council

Mayor's proposal: Name a street in the city for Palestine

The council's proposal has been supported by the public on social media, with some sharing their views on X.

24 May 2024

By Ahmed Mizyal

Male City Council has approved the name 'Palestine Street' to a so far unnamed in the capital Male.

It was moved by Mayor Adam Azim at the city council meeting held on Thursday.

There are two unnamed roads in the city, according to Mayor Azim.

"There are two unnamed roads, according to information I received. Even if not one of those roads, Palestine is very close to our hearts. So how do you feel about one of our roads being called Palestine Street?" moving the motion, Azim said.

The Mayor’s proposal was to name one of the two unnamed streets or any other street in connection with Palestine.

Azim made the motion and the councillors in the meeting supported the motion.

During the discussion, Galolhu North Councilor Mohammed Saif Fathih said that in other parts of the world, people who are important, related or close to the hearts of the people are remembered this way.

"It is very appropriate, in fact, for us to show support for what the Palestinians are going through at this time," Saif said.

"I think the Mayor's proposal is very appropriate and morally beautiful to show this support at this time”, Saif explained.

Azim said he would share the location and more information later after the name is approved, and added that it will be done via a special ceremony.

"I will suggest two or three roads/streets, the group will decide which road from them. So I will now decide that it is passed," Azim said.

Public sentiments

The council's proposal has been supported by the public on social media, with some sharing their views.

Some suggested renaming one of the existing streets.

"Even if you change the name of another road, you should just rename it to Palestine Road”, one person said in a post on 'X'

"And in Hulhumale, Giraavaru, RasMale, Villingili and every island, a good road can be named 'Palestine Road'”.

Another praised the council's decision and asked that "things like this be done in action without talking too much”.