Police deployed at a crime scene: Mother stabbed in Hulhumale by her son. Dhauru Photo

Man stabs mother in Hulhumale flat; condition serious

The 51-year-old woman was stabbed by her son, according to the police.

19 December 2023

By Mohamed Muzayyin Nazim

A man stabbed his mother inside a flat in Hulhumale on Monday evening.

The incident occurred at 6:18 pm inside a flat near Rehendhi School in Hulhumale Phase One. The woman who was injured in the incident is being treated at the Hulhumale Hospital.

The injured is a 51-year-old woman.

"The attack was carried out on the mother by her child over a family dispute," a police official told Atoll Times when asked about the incident.

An official of the Hulhumale Hospital told Atoll Times:

  • The 51-year-old woman was taken to the hospital at 7:10 pm

  • Serious injuries have occurred; Doctors say the woman’s condition is serious

Police are investigating the incident.